Foto: Nadine Albach

Waste management

Nearly every house in Dortmund has four different waste bins to collect the waste. It is very important to separate the waste correctly into the right bin. If you do not, the waste collector may refuse to collect the waste or they charge an additional fee. Apart from the bins belonging to the house, there are additional containers for waste glass and paper. You can use these containers as well. Should the paper bin be full at a certain point, just use these containers for your paper.

The pictures show you which bin is used for which kind of waste.

Grey residual waste bin (Copyright: EDG)

Yellow recycling bin („Gelbe Tonne“) (Copyright: EDG)


Brown organic waste bin (Copyright: EDG)


Blue paper bin (Copyright: EDG)


The pictograms were made available to us with the kind permission of EDG Entsorgung Dortmund GmbH.